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Different from other products, leather care wipes use polymer nanotechnology, which has strong permeability and can quickly penetrate into the surface of polished leather and inside the pores of the leather, and is closely combined with the inner wall of the pores of the leather. It forms an organic whole to prevent stains from infiltrating. On the basis of paying attention to leather surface treatment, it pays more attention to the care and maintenance of deep leather.


In addition to the cleaning effect, the wipes are professionally added with high-moisture moisturizing agents such as silicone oil, imported palm wax, and nursing essence. While cleaning the leather, a protective layer will be left on the surface of the leather to increase the gloss of the leather, maintain the original breathability of the leather, etc.



While reducing the water permeability, making the leather more delicate and smooth, with a better look and feel. At the same time, it also has the effect of anti-mildew, which is also not available in ordinary leather wet wipes on the market. For leather products that are not commonly used, just wipe gently with a wet paper towel before storing, which can effectively reduce the accumulation of cortical oxidation and mildew.


The leather care wipes have passed the strict testing of authoritative institutions. The product ingredient list is safe and transparent, and can be used at any time. There is a tear opening on the front of the package, which is easy to extract and can be used anytime and anywhere. It is very convenient to carry and use when going out.


The special formula is refined, which is non-irritating to human skin and can be used with confidence.

After testing, the bags or leather shoes wiped with this wet tissue can remain brand new and lasting for a long time.

After using this product, the leather surface can be restored to its luster, and the original leather texture will be brighter as new.

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