Disposable Dry Wipes

Cleanse your face, skin and body very carefully with disposable dry wipes. Superiorly designed to give you the ultimate cleansing experience for any type of body and any age, you'll stay perfectly clean and conditioned to feel and look great anytime, anywhere. Disposable dry wipes soft fabric, non-abrasive, fragrance-free, suitable for sensitive and delicate skin. Great for baby care, incontinence, makeup removal. Ideal for cleaning surfaces

  • Disposable Dry Wipes

    Multifunctional disposable dry wipes


    Baby Wipes

    The same wipes used in hospitals, these ultra-soft cotton wipes have no added chemicals and are perfect for sensitive skin. Simply add water to clean. Great for changing diapers, cleaning hands, face, or anything else.


    Elderly Incontinence Care Wipes

    These disposable dry wipes are perfect for home and nursing homes for incontinence and other aged care uses. Single use to prevent cross contamination, these incontinence wipes are not washable.


    Multipurpose Wipes


    Use these disposable dry wipes as household cleaning wipes, soft tissue paper, or a variety of other uses. Thick, smooth, and non-abrasive, it's safe to use on virtually any surface.


    Face and Body Wipes


    Thick as a paper towel, yet smooth and soft like a paper towel, these disposable dry wipes can be used on the face and body for makeup removal, cleansing, and any other purpose. Great for use on sensitive skin.

  • Advantages of disposable dry wipes:


    Premium Body Cleansing Wipes: Take the utmost care of your skin with these super soft yet strong disposable dry wipes, perfect for all types of cleansing purposes - makeup removal, bathing, incontinence, regular body care, daily skin care and more


    IDEAL FOR BABY CARE AND SENSITIVE SKIN: These disposable dry wipes are designed for maximum care for the delicate and sensitive skin of children, teens and adults. They are like hospital wipes and are ideal for changing diapers and cleaning your baby.


    Moisture Free & Ultra Gentle: Unlike wet wipes, disposable dry wipes won't dry out, and non-washable wipes reduce other transmission risks. Disposable dry wipes are softer and absorb more moisture than reusable rags that need to be rougher.


    HOME OR PROFESSIONAL USE: Place our disposable dry wipes in your bathroom, bedroom, or any room in your home for easy cleaning of just about anything. They are ideal for senior centers, hospitals, schools, nursing homes, medical facilities, and any professional setting.

    Disposable Dry Wipes

What are disposable dry wipes for?


Disposable dry wipes have become an increasingly popular item among households, businesses, and healthcare facilities alike. They are a great tool for cleaning and disinfecting surfaces, as well as a convenient way to keep items sanitary and germ-free. But what exactly are disposable dry wipes and how do they work? This article will provide a thorough overview of everything you need to know about disposable dry wipes - from the materials used to make them to the many different uses they can be put to.


What are the dry wipes used in hospitals?


Hospitals are one of the most important places where patients can get the medical attention that they need. Dry wipes, also known as dry cleaning cloths, have become an integral part of many hospital routine procedures. These products are designed to provide a quick and easy way for hospital staff to maintain a clean and safe environment for all patients.


What is disposable wet wipes?


Disposable wet wipes are a popular item used in many households on an everyday basis. They are an efficient and effective way to clean up messes quickly, without having to use multiple products. Wet wipes come in all kinds of sizes and formulas, making them suitable for a number of different uses. There is more to disposable wet wipes than just being convenient—they are also economical, safe for the environment, and easy to use.


Are dry wipes better than wet wipes?


Are dry wipes better than wet wipes? This is a question that has been asked by many people for ages. Both types of wipes have their advantages and disadvantages, and it all depends on the intended use. Dry wipes are made from materials such as cotton, polyester or polypropylene, while wet wipes contain water and other cleansing agents.


One advantage of dry wipes is that they are less likely to cause skin irritation compared to wet wipes. They are also more environmentally friendly because they can be reused after washing. Additionally, dry wipes allow you to apply your own cleaning solution which gives you control over how much cleaning agent you want to use without exposing yourself to harsh chemicals.


On the other hand, wet wipes are great when it comes to convenience and versatility. They come pre-moistened with a cleaning solution which makes them perfect for quick cleanups.


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