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One of the causes of dry eye symptoms with red and itchy eyelids is called blepharitis. This is a common eyelid disorder that can aggravate dry eye. The cause may be bacterial overgrowth. Bacteria normally live in our eyelashes, but if they grow out of control, it can cause itching and redness. Another cause is skin conditions, such as rosacea, atopic dermatitis, or eczema, all of which require topical treatments to improve. Then there are mites. Use a biomicroscope to see evidence of these creatures.


For all of these conditions, a right eyelid wipe can help. Paraben-free eyelid wipes are pre-moistened pads that remove debris and oil released from clogged eyelid glands, as well as unwanted bacteria or hardened makeup around eyelashes and skin. The paraben-free eyelid wipes come in regular sizes and contain tea tree oil, a natural antibacterial substance. Scrub lashes left and right over closed eyes with fingers, pressing gently for 5 seconds at a time. Use morning and night.

  • Paraben-Free Eyelid Wipes

    About Paraben-Free Eyelid Wipes


    Tea tree oil is a natural antiseptic that can be used on certain organisms that cause eyelid irritation, which can lead to dry eyes and stye. Eyelid wipes formulated with tea tree oil are effective at removing bacteria, flakes, and dandruff, but not so strong that they cause irritation. They also provide moisture and skin-tightening hyaluronic acid to tighten wrinkles around the eyes.


    Paraben-free eyelid wipes aren't just for eyelid mites. The tea tree oil and other ingredients in it inhibit bacteria, fungi, and other microorganisms and have inherent anti-inflammatory properties. That's why I recommend using eyelid wipes daily for general eyelid hygiene, makeup removal, and moisturizing skin.


    Paraben-Free Eyelid Wipes are pre-moistened eyelid cleansing wipes that can be used as part of your daily hygiene regimen. Paraben-free eyelid wipes remove debris and makeup that can cause irritation. Paraben-free eyelid wipes are hypoallergenic and individually wrapped, making them perfect for travel.


    Paraben-Free Eyelid Wipes can become part of your daily routine to treat signs and symptoms associated with dry eye, rosacea, blepharitis, meibomian gland dysfunction, and Demodex infestation. This may include redness of the eyelids, flaking of the eyelid skin, crusting around the lid margins (often worse upon waking), red eyes, itching, and a gritty or foreign-body sensation in the eye.

  • Pros and Features of Paraben-free eyelid wipes


    Due to the physical location of the eyelids, surrounded by the nose, cheeks and brows, it makes it less accessible for daily cleansing regimens. This, combined with the oily/aqueous environment of the ocular surface and the scab buildup of the eyelashes, makes it a convenient site for staphylococcal and demodex infections.


    Paraben-free eyelid wipes effectively remove the scab/crust around the eyelid margin will reduce the chance of bacterial infection but also help to reduce negative effects on the meibomian glands. Massage cleansing has been shown to be more effective than cleansing alone, so it's important to remember to massage after every cleanse.


    It is important to note that washing with soap and water does not have the effect one would expect on bacterial growth on the eyelids. Especially since soap, even baby soap, is very uncomfortable in the eyes. This, combined with the oil-reducing properties of the soap, is not good for the oil layer in the tears, leading to breakdown and damage to the lipid layer of the eyelid.


    • Paraben-free eyelid wipes with tea tree oil (like Cliradex) offer a natural, paraben-free way to clean lashes, eyelids, and face to relieve symptoms of MGD, rosacea, and dry eyes. These Paraben-free eyelid wipes are formulated with 4-terpineol in tea tree oil to eliminate Demodex mites on the eyelids.


    • Hypochlorous acid (HOCL) has been shown to be an effective method of killing bacteria and controlling biofilm around the eyes, but has only minimal effect on Demodex mites. If you don't have Demodex mites, this is a great option for controlling bacteria around the eyes and helping with allergies. Avenova pioneered the use of hypochlorous acid, a stable and pure solution for use around the eyes.


    • Moisturizing wipes help reduce dry skin caused by itchy, irritated, inflamed eyelids. Hyaluronic acid and glycerin wipes, like I-Lid N Lash from I-Med Pharma, are great for hydrating dry, sensitive skin.

    Paraben-Free Eyelid Wipes
  • Paraben-Free Eyelid Wipes

    Paraben-free eyelid wipes - effectively and gently cleanses eyelids and eyelashes


    Removes discharge, crusted material, residue and makeup around the eyes without parabens. Paraben-Free Eyelid Wipes are uniquely textured hypoallergenic wipes that effectively and gently cleanse eyelids and eyelashes. Alcohol free, fragrance free, preservative free and enriched with chamomile extract. Paraben-free eyelid wipes have been tested and recommended for sensitive skin, especially the delicate surface around the eyes.


    Clear eyes can be removed daily with gentle Paraben-free eyelid wipes to remove eye discharge, scales, crusted matter and makeup. These Paraben-free eyelid wipes are carefully pH balanced to match the natural pH of human tears, making them ideal for contact lens wearers. Clear Eyes Gentle Cleansing Wipes can be used straight out of the pouch or as a hot or cold compress.

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