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Lihua Group's non-woven fabric factory mainly produces various types of non-woven fabric products, kitchen cleaning cloths, J cloth, disposable cleaning cloth, cloth roll, shammy cloth, bamboo fiber rolls, compressed towels, and beauty towels. Among them, spunlaced non-woven fabrics have the following characteristics:

1. Flexible entanglement: During the production process of spunlaced non-woven fabrics, the fibers are punctured by water, forming flexible entanglement that will not cause damage to the fibers or affect their soft properties.

2. Appearance similar to traditional textiles: The appearance of spunlaced non-woven fabric looks very similar to traditional textiles, and unlike fabrics made of other non-woven materials, it looks more natural and soft.

3. Strong, wear-resistant, and tensile resistant: Spunlaced non-woven fabrics have very high strength, are wear-resistant and tensile resistant when used, and are not prone to fuzzing. It does not add any adhesive during production, and its strength and toughness rely entirely on fibers, which will not become more fragile after washing.

4. High moisture absorption and fast moisture absorption: Spunlaced non-woven fabric has strong moisture absorption ability, which can quickly absorb water into the fiber mesh. The breathability of spunlaced non-woven fabric is also very good, which can be used to make clothes without causing stuffiness.

5. Rich appearance design: The appearance design of spunlaced non-woven fabric is very rich, and can change many patterns to meet various aesthetic needs.

Lihua Super Non woven Fabric Factory can meet all your customized processing needs for cleaning wipes, bamboo fiber rolls, J cloth, disposable cleaning cloth, cloth roll, shammy cloth, compressed towels, and beauty towels, with ultra-high quality and high-quality service.

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